Property Resources Inc. focuses on helping parents save on housing by providing support for investment strategies.

Here in Boulder, thousands of CU students transition between dorm living and off-campus housing. Students attending the University of Colorado will typically pay $43,000-$67,000 during their four-year college enrollment. Our team suggests purchasing a property that will help begin investing in their future. Property Resources will help you turn a housing necessity for your student into a perfect investment for your family. Stop paying rent and start paying yourself.

Benefits of buying a home for your student:

  • Provides the best learning environment for your son or daughter
  • Potential for appreciation in the future
  • Teaches students real world skills
  • Pay yourself instead of a landlord
  • Roommates can help pay the mortgage
  • “Home away from home” feeling for your child

Property Resources Inc specializes in the student housing market at the University of Colorado Boulder. We have an extensive selection of properties close to campus and perfect for University Students. Our extensive knowledge of the properties surrounding campus allows us to have the “ins and outs” of this exclusive market. Our clients expect and only receive the best personal service at all times guaranteed