Our Technology Advantage.

Our goal at Property Resources Inc. is to provide you with the best service and manage your Property efficiently and effectively. As a team we have invested in a modern software solution that creates an easier more efficient way to maintain your account online. This technology solution provides:

  1. A more effective way to market our properties and vacancies. We are able to quickly advertise vacancies online, posting to our website quickly and on other listing sites. We are able to fill vacancies quicker because we allow applicants to apply right from their mobile devices.
  2. Easy resident screening. Our built in resident screening includes the standard background and credit checks. We are also able to get a past rental payment history of all residents. The screening is completed in minutes. We are able to place only the highest quality residents quickly and confidently.
  3. Get paid faster and more securely. Our team now has the ability to deposit your funds directly in your bank account online. You no longer have to wait for a check in the mail.
  4. Online payment options. We can collect rent faster through our easy online payment options. We provide residents with three easy ways to pay electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card).
  5. Access to statements online. Owner statements are posted to a secure online Owners Portal, which saves us both time and paper. The statements provide quick snapshots of property details, maintenance invoices and any other additional reports that may be requested.
  6. Solve maintenance issues fast. Electronic work-orders and communication with vendors, allows us to quickly resolve any maintenance issues. We can easily email any copies of work orders or relevant information on real-time updates.
  7. Effective Online Marketing. Our team knows how to effectively market your property and get it rented as quickly as possible. We have over 20 different websites we market your property on to ensure it gets seen by as many potential renters as possible.